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Jesus and Java

God does His work on this earth with ordinary women (like you and me) in our ordinary-everyday situations. And He can take an ordinary situation, with ordinary women, kick it up a notch and do some extraordinary things.

Not a day goes by that we're not in need of God's grace and peace. Every morning we need His Spirit to fill us again, to strengthen us for what's ahead. Every day we need a fresh word that He speaks to our hearts, to help keep our focus on what's more important. Trying to run this race of life without Jesus will do nothing but drain us dry.

And the week can be crazy believe me with deadlines and schedules trying to get everything done before the weekend. And we can sometimes lose focus of what's most important. But even for those times... His grace is there. He waits for us. His patience and His peace never run dry.

Jesus covers our past, secures our future and gives us all that we need for this day too. He promises that as we come to Him, and allow His truths to nourish and saturate our lives, we will be satisfied. We will have all that we need to live abundantly and freely in this life. So grab that cup of Java girlfriend and a whole lot of Jesus and make today an amazing day.

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